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My commission form will be available below! or click here to directly take you to the Google form.

Commission Information

How much does it cost?

Prices are based on how much space your project takes on the tufting frame.


Size Price*
Quarter Frame (about 12 inches, minimum size) $50+
Half Frame (about 13 inches+) $100+
Full Frame (about 20 inches+) $200+
3 feet by 2 feet (Special Size!) $300+

*Prices subject to change depending on colors, complexity, rug shape, etc.

All sales are final. Scroll down for size examples and my past work!

What is the turnaround time?

Processing time can take anywhere between 2-10 weeks, depending on your queue position. When discussing commissioned work, I will give you a approximate date of when your rug will be shipped out.

What sizes can you do?

My minimum size for commissions is 12 inches. My maximum rug size is currently 3 feet by 2 feet.

Where do you ship?

Happy to announce that we are shipping worldwide! US orders include free ground shipping. International shipping will be calculated using USPS rates and added to invoice total.

Please note buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. There are a few countries I cannot ship to due to USPS restrictions. Please check this list for more info.

Eco-conscious Packaging

Kindly note that I ship my rugs with reused and/or recycled material. I encourage you to also reuse/recycle any of my packaging material!

What materials do you use in your rugs?

My rugs are made of cotton/polyester cloth, acrylic yarn, synthetic latex carpet adhesive*, spray glue, hot glue, non-slip felt backing, cotton twill tape, and cotton twine for hanging wall art.

*DISCLAIMER: Synthetic latex does not contain any natural latex. However, I cannot guarantee a latex-free environment since my work is created in my home. Please take the necessary precautions for your health before placing an order. Your safety and health are a top priority so thank you so much for your understanding. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.

  • Quarter Frame

    Typically around 12 inches big, which is my minimum for commissioned work. Can be used as wall art or home decor. Best projects of this size are simple designs with limited detail.

  • Half Frame

    Rugs that are larger than 12 inches. Up to 2ft by 1ft. Most wall art with a custom shape or more details will look best at this size.

  • Full Frame

    Rugs that are 20 inches to 24 inches. Most floor rugs will require the full frame. Any projects that have a custom shape or many details will look best at this size.

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  • "I am so pleased with how she turned out and can honestly say she brings me joy every day. She's perfect in my office room and such a cool statement piece! " - Katie S.

  • "Thank you for the amazing rug! It’s mounted on my wall and it’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship!! It couldn’t have been better!" - @stardust_spence

  • "I really love the chicken rug, it's such a delight to have it now hanging on my wall. The only feedback I can think to give is keep doing what you're doing! I think the quality was super top notch and the look is fantastic. I already have gotten a ton of compliments from friends and it seems the piece makes a lot of folks, including myself, happy :)" - Olivia

  • "The rug was a gift for my friend and they were absolutely thrilled to receive it ... Very satisfied with the delivery and quality." - Anonymous

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